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Biz 4.0

The irony of the digital age is that it is not about technology, though IT has a role to play.

It cannot be conceptualised as 'the industrial era amped up on tech steroids', as implied by the much-used term, Industry 4.0. It is fundamentally about people reclaiming their humanity, and requiring the organisations they support and patronise to reshape accordingly. It also represents a return to a less certain and more dangerous world, less new town business park, more prehistoric savanna.

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Attention Dynamics Book

High personal performance in the digital age.

When it comes to survival, attention is right up there with food, sleep and oxygen. However, unlike the others, attention has the power to define the quality of your life, ie. the extent to which you thrive.

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IT Demystified Book

The IT Handbook for Digital Leaders.

IT Demystified is for enterprise leaders, those who will have direct responsibility for the IT function, and those whose success is predicated on new technologies.

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Beyond Nine to Five

Your career guide for the digital age.

The world of work is changing. The industrial era model of work is crumbling. Those trying to maintain an industrial era career in the digital age are starting to crumble too as they struggle to cope with the new realities. The future of work has arrived.

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The IT Value Stack

A Boardroom Guide to IT Leadership

Successful IT value realisation is a cloudy subject. This in part contributes to the overall dissatisfaction many organisations have with IT. This book tackles the subject of IT value realisation head on. Most importantly it provides a model to help CIOs and business leaders maximise the return on their IT investment.

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The E-Skills Manifesto

A Call to Arms

Europe is at a crossroads. It has a number of choices. The first is denial. Denial that its economic power and social model is under threat from emerging economies
that are building huge armies of hungry, digital literate innovators who intend to 'eat our lunch' and more.

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