To live in a world where everyone has equality of opportunity.



To enable businesses and governments to thrive in the digital age, and thus in turn help people to similarly thrive on a global basis.



Ade has developed a framework to help organisations transition from an industrial era model to one fit for the digital age. He has two variants of the framework covering both private (Biz4) and public sector organisations (Gov4).

Ade focuses on opportunities that enable him to both share the framework, and provide support in its implementation. Thus, Ade’s energies are apportioned across:

  • Writing.
  • Keynoting.
  • Workshops.
  • Advisory.

Ade tends to work with clients who are similarly aligned with his vision. In respect of keynotes, Ade speaks at events where the delegates are themselves influencers, so typically CxO level. Similarly, workshops and advisory engagements tend to be driven by the strategic imperatives of the client’s leadership.

Digital disruption is driving the demand for such services. Ade’s frameworks reflect:

  • Today’s macroeconomic realities.
  • Emerging technological and scientific innovations.
  • The evolving expectations of both workers and clients.
  • The need to generate stakeholder value.
  • The challenges of operating in a highly volatile environment, where traditional strategic planning is simply ineffective.


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