Ade McCormack sounds a much-needed clarion call for IT to "grow up" and become a mature business functionspeech mark.

Nicholas Carr

Former executive editor

Harvard Business Review

I collaborated with Ade on one of our key events - the European CIO Summit 2011. As Chairman of the event, he was instrumental in stimulating a level of discussion and creating a knowledge exchange forum. Ade was a dynamic moderator and it was an absolute pleasure to work with him.speech mark

Lora Bogoeva

Summit Producer

Marcus Evans

Ade spoke at Microsoft Sweden´s biggest event called TechDays. Ade's session "Does the IT department have a future?" got the 3rd best score out of all 85 speakers (score 8.41/9). He did a great job challenging the IT people in the audience to better understand the business needs of their company. Given this was a summit primarily aimed at technologists his ranking is highly impressive. I can recommend Ade.speech mark

Göran Ölander

Enterprise Marketing Manager

Microsoft – Sweden

Ade gave an inspiring Keynote speech to IT Service Management Forum Conference audience in Finland, October 2010. I would recommend Ade to anyone looking for an excellent speaker.speech mark

Mervi Vikki-Aaltonen

Deputy Chairman of the Board

itSMF Finland

I invited Ade to participate in a roundtable discussion on the future of technology; the discussion was part of some important research that we're doing. His insightful comments covered new ground in an innovative way, and were a valuable contribution.speech mark

David Moloney



Ade spoke on the emerging 21st Century CIO role at the CIOnet UK Annual Conference. He was authoritative, clear and highly rated by the audience, building a strong case for change.speech mark

Nick Smith

UK Network Leader


The importance of e-skilling cannot be over-emphasised. Productivity growth requires that European citizens not only acquire digital skills for the work and study they currently do, but equip themselves with the tools needed to deal with the pace of the digital revolution sweeping across all cultures and societies. McCormack encourages stakeholders to re-examine the ways in which European business, education and government approach life-long skilling. For European business and society to benefit in competitive times, those who strive for excellence will be the winners. The e-Skills Manifesto provides a vision for Europe to keep pace with and stay ahead of the competition.speech mark

Johan Deschuyffeleer on Ade's e-Skills Manifesto book

Senior Vice President, Technology Services EMEA


This evidence based work guides decision makers in addressing an issue which lies at the heart of Europe's capacity to build a culture of innovation and a fully inclusive digital society.speech mark

Bridget Cosgrave on Ade's e-Skills Manifesto book



The wit, imagination and insight that Ade brings to his regular Boardroom Debate column in the Financial Times Digital Business section shine through his new book. Ade looks at where the power, blame, influence and value in IT all sit as business technology matures and the game shifts toward maximising its value.speech mark

Peter Whitehead on Ade's IT Value Stack book (Wiley)

Digital Business editor

Financial Times

Ade was a guest keynote presenter at the 2009 Gartner Outsourcing & IT Services Summit in London. His presentation was extremely well received by the audience, with feedback such as "very engaging", "focused and relevant", and "some interesting perspectives & funny!" I found Ade to be very easy and reliable to work with. He delivers presentations that are challenging, well considered, informative and humorous. I would be happy to engage him again for future speaker engagementsspeech mark.

Shane O'Rourke



I had the pleasure of working with Ade at the CEEIT 2009 - Central and Eastern European IT Leaders Summit where he delivered a keynote speech on the subject of CIO leadership. Not only the content was at a very high level, presenting leap-ahead ideas on the subject, but also his style of delivery met the expectations of the attendees, which resulted in him becoming one of the highest rated presenters. I look forward to working with Ade again, many years to come.speech mark

Mihaly Nagy

Managing Director

Stamford Global

I am delighted to recommend Ade. He is an excellent colleague, reliable and smart.speech mark

Paul Taylor

Editor - Connected Business

Financial Times

Ade gave an inspiring speech to CIOs in Geneva in November 2008. I would recommend Ade to anyone looking for an excellent speaker.speech mark

Brian Henry

Network Coordinator


We engaged Ade to open up our Perspectives event in Geneva with a keynote on the future of work. Ade delivered an interesting and thought provoking speech. All feedbacks were very positive. The audience was impressed and inspired by his thoughts and experiences around this hot topic. We intend to re-engage Ade as part of our enterprise IT leadership communications.speech mark

Suzi Preradovic

Marketing Manager


Any public official who values developing young talent and building a culture of innovation in Europe should read, 'The e-Skills Manifesto, A Call to Arms', "Lead figures in government, education, policy, research and industry outline the commitments required for preparing European citizens to take on the challenges of the digital age. This Manifesto firmly places e-Skills as a priority issue for European Institutions and Member States, mapping out as it does the relationship between digital literacy, competitiveness, productivity growth and job creation. This book is a clarion call for decision makers to harness talent, leverage opportunities and enable all European citizens to engage fully in the global digital society.speech mark

Jan Muehlfeit on Ade's e-Skills Manifesto book


Microsoft Europe

Motorola welcomes 'The e-Skills Manifesto' and strongly supports its "call to arms". Earlier this year, the European e-Skills Week proved a big success; however we need to keep momentum high at both EU and national levels to ensure that all European citizens are equipped with the necessary skills in technology to embrace the digital revolution.speech mark

Karen Tandy on Ade's e-Skills Manifesto book

Senior Vice President

Public Affairs & Communications, Motorola

This excellent book is a must read for anyone in business. As in his first book Ade McCormack demystified IT and makes it clear, relevant and interesting for business.speech mark

Dr Gerard Lyons on Ade's IT Value Stack book (Wiley)

Chief Economist

Standard Chartered

Ade McCormack hits at the key issues, the Business / IT relationship can no longer be one of master / slave, but must evolve into one of value based partnership for business advantage. An essential read for those organisations who believe there has to be a third way between traditional business and IT approaches.speech mark

Eddie Short on Ade's IT Value Stack book (Wiley)

Vice President


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