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I am an experienced international keynoter / public speaker. My audiences range from a select gathering of executive diners through to arena-scale events.

My focus is on disruption and people-centric transformation. I cover the implications for business models, leadership and talent management. I explore the changing nature of risk and culture. I consider the path humanity is taking in respect of augmentation and cognition. Strategically, I provide guidance on how to harness disruption and thus create super-resilient organisations. Personally, I guide the audience on what they need to do to remain economically relevant in these increasingly uncertain and volatile times.

My thought leadership and practical experience enable me to provide both a zoom-out and zoom-in perspective. I am often asked to be the opening keynoter because my perspectives set a disruptive and mind-moving tone for the overall summit / conference / event.

My keynotes draw from several disciplines including neuroscience, anthropology, information technology, biology and performance management. I am considered a near-futurist because my content, whilst forward thinking, is relevant to the current challenges the audience faces.

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