Trusted Advisor

Ade can work with your sales force to help them win bigger ticket sales by establishing trust and relevance with senior executives. As we enter a world where service, and even products, are provided ‘as a service’, this becomes more complicated, but also potentially more lucrative.

Becoming a trusted adviser is the ideal situation. Trust is important, but it is relevance that enables your people to influence your clients.

Ade can work with your sales leader to create a programme that over time will evolve your business developers from ‘order takers’ to trusted stimulators of business.

This will involve classroom sessions and role playing. Support can be extended to embrace specific accounts. Ade can work with your leadership team to ensure this transformation investment is fully integrated into the business. He can also support your client facing activities with workshops, thought leadership and even advisory services delivered under your brand.

Contact Ade to explore how your organisation can become trusted advisors and influence your clients at the most senior level.