Workshop facilitator


  • Has worked with senior executives for many years.
  • Has a framework for digital age businesses that will accelerate both the learning curve of your leaders and the transformation journey for your organisation.
  • Has worked across many sectors and many countries and so is in a strong position to share best and ‘next’ practice.
  • Can support your digital journey beyond the workshop. This can include both a digital readiness assessment, as well as being an independent advisor through the transformation journey.
  • Will work with your leadership to harness what you are already doing well. He will work with your leaders to extend your organisational capability by unleashing new sources of value that will strengthen your business model, making it more resilient to an increasingly volatile and uncertain world.
  • Can work with specific departments if required. But do keep in mind that true digital transformation needs to be boardroom-driven.

The next time your leadership team comes together, take the opportunity to capitalise on what lies ahead by building Ade’s leadership workshop into the schedule.