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  1. Ross Stacey

    I don’t think you can have a global standard for the role of CIO Ade. It varies so much from company to company dependant upon size, industry, technology focus/perception etc. It would be like asking all premiership Strikers to perform exactly the same role. However, I do think orgs constantly make hiring mistakes at CIO level yes, this is due to a lack of real understanding of what they want vs what they need.


  2. Ade

    Thanks for the comment Ross.
    I would be tempted to push for a global standard but to be defined sufficiently such that regulators and investors understand what the CIO does but no so much that a small enterprise feels constricted by the definition.
    So ‘all strikers are to score goals’ would clarify their primary role plus it would help them realise that they will not be deemed a success if they focused on goal keeping activities.


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