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  1. Alex Morgan

    You make a very important and interesting point Ade. Clearly, as Charles Handy warned us many years ago, the days of being put on a defined career path in a large corporation are coming to an end.
    Outsourcing not only changes the shape of an organisation but also changes the nature of “work” within in, and external to it. Where does that leave the professional hoping for a long, varied and successful career?
    Ideally professionals need to take responsibility for developing themselves in the context of their “shape-shifting” world, however this is easier said than done, as the needs of the outsourcing industry are ever evolving.
    The NOA Pathway programmes provide professional development to outsourcing professionals. The programmes provide a structure in which professionals can learn, as well as, carve out their own career path, adding value to both the business in which they operate and their own careers.
    The programme’s unique action learning approach sees the delegates defining, researching and answering “outsourcing questions”. One recent successful student developed a thought leading “outsourcing question” around ensuring the whole supply chain complies with the organisations CSR policy. Another student analysed the value for money dilemma in outsourced business relationships.
    The programmes support those who are building a unique and sustainable career in an outsourced context. Professionals who prioritise their own development, will not only stay off the reserves bench, but also become leaders in their field.
    For more information on the NOA Pathway programmes which are accredited by Middlesex University visit


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