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  1. Lisa

    You’re certainly right- the IT budget has been hit quite hard! IT has been a very popular cost-cutting target in this recession.
    Here’s a whitepaper on this topic that I think you will find VERY helpful. It has lots of recommendations, beginning with what I see as something essential- questioning the usefulness of the supposed “givens” in your IT department. (“Recession Leadership: Uncovering Hidden Efficiencies Through IT Cost Reset”)


  2. Ade McCormack

    Thanks for the comment Lisa and the white paper reference. I have had a look and I would strongly recommend it. It’s to the point and on the money.
    I would welcome a whitepaper from the CFO community on how to lever IT to cut costs across the organisation.
    And whilst I am on a roll, a white paper that details how the innovative use of IT can be applied to increasing business value that does not use the word cost!


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