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  1. Cay Hasselmann

    Ade, I am unsure what you are after, as all digitalization requires industrialization. A good example is a bank where you need a banking process on one bench instead of at least 4 as it is today where the customer uses a web front end to apply for a credit and given green light, but then it is all retyped into the loan system, the risk system, the anti money laundering system, etc. So this is why I share the idea of the 4th Industrial Revolution, in the same way that robots were used in the 3rd Industrial Revolution.


    • Ade McCormack

      Sorry I am half a decade late Cay. I stumbled across your comment whilst wading through spam. Firstly thank you for taking the time to comment. Digitalisation is good for the reasons you mention. Digitalisation is not enough, the disruption we are seeing, in 2016 and today, requires a shift from the industrial era model. The 4IR idea has little to say about people. Given their role in respect of innovation, I am concerned that the WEF messaging is setting leaders up for organisational failure.


  2. David

    Excellent Ade.

    Since the first lockdown, I have had a gut feeling the COVID will challenge the very fundamentals of our society: travel, work, sports, socializing, practicing a religion, or shopping. To state a few.

    Never has any revolution, zapped out many of these pillars.

    By being forced to tread on and survive as economies and societies, we are defining a new paradigm.

    We are evolving as a social species. Darwinism applied to humanity, the world that will arise will be so different that I don’t really know if the term Industrial Revolution is sufficient to qualify the change.


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