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The first step in any transformation journey is ensuring that the leadership team understands the extent of the challenge. Most importantly the leadership team members need feel invested in how the organisation moves forward. A workshop is an effective medium for education and solution development.

I have lectured at MIT Sloan School of Management and I work with the University of Cambridge in respect of executive education and so can draw upon other experts if your specific needs require a broad set of capabilities. Similarly if your needs warrant a large-scale deployment, I have access to world-class programme managers. 


Some leaders prefer a one-to-one engagement in order to focus on their specific objectives. These are often a combination of corporate and personal targets. Corporate objectives tend to be strategic in nature. Personal goals tend to be career-related or how to build a personal brand.

Coaching works best when the leader wants to acquire new insights, traits, capabilities or skills within the context of goal or a set of goals.

Unlike with advisory and consulting services, the leader wants to develop their own capability.

Online education

I recognised some while back that the world was irrevocably changing and that the available leadership education was still geared towards the industrial era and thus unfit for purpose. So I set up the Disruption Readiness Institute to provide leaders with easy to consume education courses to help them better navigate the post-industrial world we find ourselves in. The courses are designed to integrate with the busy working life of a typical leader.

Keep in mind that these courses can be rebranded and integrated into your existing leadership development programme.