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Government leader

Macro-environmental forces are necessitating a public sector refresh.

I can support you as a minister or civil service leader to effect the necessary transformation. Here is the problem and my proposed way forward:

Act 1

It was inevitable…

As a public sector leader you have become increasingly aware of citizen dissatisfaction. You know this is in part a response to unpopular policy decision making and substandard service delivery. You also know that there are long-running systemic issues within the public sector that are a cause of frustration to everyone. Trust in government has plummeted because your paternalistic approach cannot hide the fact that the global forces at play are not under your control.

But then Covid arrives. The social contract which once was merely fraying is now torn. It dawns on you that fixing Government (not dissimilar to repairing a plane inflight) will not cut it. The other primary actors, namely the private sector and citizenry must step up. This will not be well received.

Act 2

Citizens are disillusioned…

Lingering, unresolved and globally resonant inequalities become the channels through which the people express their fear and anger. Their expectations in respect of living in a safe, satisfying and connected society are fading into the distance. Once the middleclass feel disenfranchised, societal collapse and ‘failed state’ status follows.

It dawns on you that you are all at sea during the perfect storm and that you and your leadership team are ill-equipped to be at the helm.

Act 3

There is a way forward…

This is where I come in. I can help you build a society-friendly state engine led by competent leaders. The wellbeing of citizens, and to a lesser extent the private sector, is often a minor consideration in respect to government policy. The primary consideration being to maintain power.

I can work with you to rebuild trust, reset expectations and transform the state machinery to better serve your primary stakeholders. Citizens and businesses will feel empowered, as will public servants. In respect of leadership, execution will replace rhetoric. There is no return to normal. Increased uncertainty and volatility lie ahead. Nonetheless, what citizens lose in terms of security, they gain in increased freedom and more fulfilled lives.


How can I help?

Government is one of three actors impacting society. The others being business and the citizenry. Each actor has both expectations of and a responsibility to the other actors. Some governments have unfortunately lost the ability to act effectively. Thus causing society to suffer unnecessarily.
My focus is to help your government transform to a more societal-centric model. One where friction between functions, between ministers and civil servants and between governments and its wider stakeholders is removed.


Awareness briefings

These can range from a keynote speech at an internal event through to one-to-one conversations with key stakeholders.


Leadership workshops

These can be built into the agenda of more general leadership gatherings. Typically it would be of a half day duration. The objective would be to ensure all attendees have a strong sense of the problem as it applies to your organisation and to identify the primary actions that will drive the necessary transformation.


Advisory / coaching

This might include:

  • Conducting a detailed assessment / establishing a baseline from which to launch the transformation.
  • Support the building of a transformation governance infrastructure.
  • Provide guidance in various aspects of the transformation process.


Mass onboarding

Transformation will only succeed if everyone knows the associated why, what, when and how. This might include developing an internal online training programme to enable all employees to understand what is happening and how they need to similarly transform. Online training will provide employees with more flexibility in respect of how they integrate the learning into their operational responsibilities.
There may well be a need to develop an educational programme for the wider stakeholders, including the citizens.


My methodology

  1. Provide the leadership team with an understanding of the scope of the problem and an approach to resolving it.
  2. If not blatantly obvious, assess and prioritise where transformation is required. In many cases, the primary issue is a lack of citizen-centricity.
  3. Establish governance structure so that the transformation can be driven from within the public sector. NB. Transformation is not a project or programme, it is an operating model and so the organisation will always be in ‘transformation mode’.
  4. Support transformation in an advisory and coaching capacity, where required.
  5. Work with your people development function to develop an educational programme that will facilitate the required cultural and capability transformation. This might well include online courses.


The key benefits of engaging me:

  • You will be engaging with one of the few people who fully understand the scope of the transformation required.
  • You will regain the trust of your citizenry. Similarly, the citizens will have a strong sense of their responsibilities and will be empowered to fulfil those responsibilities.
  • You will grow an organisation that is people-centric, using new technologies to augment their natural cognitive capabilities.
  • You and your people will personally transform during the organisational transformation.
  • Economic instability and societal unrest will be less likely because adaptability will underpin your new operating model.