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In today’s rapidly changing world, a new approach to leadership is essential. This coaching accelerator will equip you with the capability to navigate your organisation through these increasingly turbulent times.

The problem

Organisational models today are straining to adapt to an increasingly disrupted world. No amount of technology or wellness apps are going to address this. The leadership assumptions and organisational design models that worked during the industrial era are no longer fit for purpose.

Unfortunately the business schools and management consultancies are still trading on the old approach and that is causing leaders to struggle.   

The solution

The solution is to firstly recognise that the popular mechanistic, process-driven, hierarchical model has had its day. Uncertainty requires a less deterministic and more stochastic approach, ie we need to embrace randomness. This may seem strange, but it is the fundamental attribute of living systems, which have an established track record in respect of adapting to disruption. Innovation is key, but randomness is at the core.  This is not to suggest that you turn your organisation into a Monte Carlo casino.  However it requires a complete rethink on how you harness your organisation’s cognition – both natural and artificial.

This concentrated programme will make the case for this approach and will provide you with a very grounded set of principles for developing an adaptive organisation. Please note that this is not an exercise in digital / business transformation, which has not proven to be an effective response to increasing disruption.


By taking this programme you will be in a position to steadily increase your organisation’s adaptiveness. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen faster than you expect once you understand how to apply the underlying principles.

Specifically, you will:

  • Develop a greater understanding of the macroenvironmental forces that are shaping your future.
  • Recognise that simply adding more tech to your business is not enough to prepare it for an unknowable future.
  • Be equipped to build a highly responsive and adaptive organisation.
  • Understand how to get the best, rather than the most from your people.
  • Recognise the extent to which ‘remote working’ works.
  • Be better placed to handle a multi-generational workforce.
  • Understand what is required before you can truly harness the power of AI.
  • Understand the rationale for why experimentation and chance are critical to organisational health.
  • Develop a more nuanced, and more appropriate, understanding of value creation that will appeal to all stakeholders.
  • Be able to implement a more distributed approach to decision making.
  • Recognise the limitations of traditional strategic planning.

The offering

The offering comprises, ten 30 to 60 minute one-to-one sessions convened online. These sessions will take place weekly over a 10-week period.

There will be a pre-programme assessment to ensure that these sessions are addressing what is important to you.

The sessions will be highly interactive. They are a blend of coaching, advisory and executive education.

There will be a requirement to reflect on what is covered with the aim of developing an action plan.

Your time commitment will be somewhere in the region of 20 hours over a 10 week period. This is a very small commitment to making a fundamental shift from what isn’t working to what works.

The programme will comprise the following topics:

  1. The uptick in disruption.
    • The macroenvironmental forces impacting our organisations and why are they growing.
  2. The problem with current organisational models.
    • The problem with process-driven/efficiency oriented models.
  3. What is an intelligent organisation.
    • What makes an organisation behave intelligently and how can this be embraced.
  4. How to utilise lessons from living systems.
    • Explore the behaviour of cells through to swarms to elicit how to embrace disruption.
  5. What does post-industrial leadership look like.
    • Understand the hierachical model no longer works and how to move towards something more akin to a nervous system.
  6. Natural intelligence – Harnessing the collective power of people.
    • How to get the best, rather than the most, from your people.
  7. Artificial intelligence – Turning data into value.
    • Recognise that data quality is key to harnessing the power of AI and why an investment in AI will not save businesses operating under industrial era principles. 
  8. Building assets that improve organisational resilience.
    • Understand that growing assets, including cash, brand, artificial and natural cognition, amongst others, provides a buffer against an unknowable future. 
  9. Review and action planning 1.
    • Self explanatory.
  10. Review and action planning 2.
    • Self explanatory.

Who is it for

This personalised programme will benefit those who have leadership responsibilities in either the public or private sector.

Prior to committing to the programme, we will have an exploratory conversation to ensure that:

  • The programme is for you.
  • That you are in a position to make use of the experience.  By virtue of its design, this has to be a very exclusive offering. Thus we want to ensure these sessions have a positive impact.   

The programme can be configured to ensure that its impact is maximised. There a number of ways to achieve this:

  • The individual provides input.
  • The person responsible for the individual’s development provides input.
  • The individual responds to a diagnostic questionnaire that reveals where attention is needed. 

The formats

The standard format is detailed in the Offering section, above. This can be concertina-ed as required. Thus the following formats are also available:

  • A keynote, perhaps as part of a leadership event / conference.
  • A workshop, which would combine awareness raising with focusing on issues relevant to your organisation.
  • In-house multiday programme, which can be run at your premises or offsite. I have an association with the Moller Institute at the University of Cambridge, which has both excellent facilities and access to both deep thinkers and practitioners.

The fee

This is something of an experiment so over the summer the fee will be £5,000 plus VAT.

Full payment is required in advance.

About me

You can learn about me from this website or by typing my name into Google or Chat-GPT. Broadly I have 40 years of experience, gained across multiple sectors at the sharp end of business and government. I have been involved in leadership development for several decades and have an association in this respect with Cambridge University.

My perspectives are both systems and detail oriented. My interest in natural systems and complexity is increasingly well suited to the world we find ourselves in.

Next steps

Contact us to have an initial discussion.