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I help leaders create intelligent organisations optimised to embrace disruption

I have been described as “delightfully bracing” and “an inspiring slap in the face“.

Engage me when your audience:

  • Needs a stimulating, insightful and entertaining experience.
  • Needs to understand how their world fits into the big picture.
  • Needs to viscerally sense the extent of the disruption coming their way.
  • Needs to be empowered to capitalise on disruption.

Event organisers:

  • Rest assured that the content will resonate with those looking to make sense of how their world is changing and the associated implications, strategically, operationally and personally.
  • As an experienced opening keynoter, I can set the scene for the rest of the conference and set the tone for the associated conversations.
  • My content is novel, mind moving, challenging and practical and as such it is engaging, entertaining and educational. The audience will tune in within seconds.

Example keynoting titles

Here are recent examples of keynotes I have delivered. Should you engage me, we will start with your objectives and key messages:

  • Intelligent Leadership: Turning your inert factory to living, sensing organism
  • Disruption: The forces shaping our environment
  • Meet the cognitive athlete: How to turn human potential into market value
  • Disruption leadership: How to build a highly adaptive organisation
  • The future of talent management: Welcome to the cognitive gymnasium
  • Transformation: How to prepare for an unknowable future
  • Innovation: Curiosity, creativity, courage and trust.
  • Death by process: Why past successes are no longer indicative of future successes.

Some showreels…

Short tour - 100 secs

Deeper dive - 8 mins

Live - Aruba Atmosphere - Paris

Live - HPE Solution Summit - Gothenburg

Virtual keynote extract

Virtual keynote extract

Leadership Disruption Channel

Leadership Disruption Channel


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