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Business leader

Act 1

We have a problem…

As a leader, you sensed something wasn’t right. You were conscious of digital disruption and were perhaps to some extent embracing the 4IR narrative. But it was becoming increasingly obvious that past successes were not a predictor of future successes. It was becoming apparent that your hard-earned experience and skillset were becoming less valuable.

And then Covid-19 arrived. It rapidly dawns on you that digitalisation is not the answer.

Act 2

It’s getting worse…

You are now in new territory. Like everyone else globally, you are experiencing disruption first hand.

You do not know how to respond. However you do know that your organisation’s decision-making processes are arthritic. You are torn between taking risks and protecting the organisation’s assets. Your people are anxious and working sub-optimally. Despite the chaos, and a more flexible outlook in respect of homeworking, your organisation is stuck in a groove.

It finally dawns on you that that the rules of the game have changed. Your executive education to date has become a liability. Specifically, it dawns on you that strategic planning has evolved into a new fictional genre.

Act 3

There is a way forward…

This is where I come in. I can help you build an organisation that thrives on disruption. One that is less ‘inert factory’ and more a living, sensing, situationally aware organism. One that harnesses the cognitive capacity of your people and amplifies it using new technologies and data.

I can help you build a genuinely future-proofed, stakeholder-friendly organisation, where you are the hero and where disruption morphs from adversary to ally.

How can I help? 

My focus is to help your organisation thrive in what is an increasingly unknowable future. I refer to this organisational trait as super-resilience. Such organisations are people-centric, data-driven, innovative and are experiment-driven. This is largely at odds with the industrial era model that many organisations are clinging to. Technology is part of the solution, but again digitalisation is not enough.

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