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The problem

Not all enterprise technology organisations value marketing. They may well have a marketing department, but the spend largely sits with the sales function. This is not necessarily because the organisation is myopic, but perhaps because marketing is misaligned with sales or sees its role as purely ‘top of funnel’ based.

Sales people need support at every stage of the sales cycle and they need help that is less about how great your organisation is and more about stimulating the minds of the targeted senior executives.

I have worked with the world’s most pre-eminent technology players in respect of influencing CxOs.

Public speaking

Your sales people will value anything that shows that your organisation is a thought leader in respect of the issues CxOs care about. There is only one real issue today and that is how to handle the increasingly disruptive forces at play, Covid 19 being just one.

I can speak at your c-level events and thus demonstrate to your clients and prospects that your organisation sees the world from their perspective and understands the problems they face, perhaps better than they do.

I can support you in respect of intimate gatherings right through to arena-scale events. The ‘inspiring slap in the face’ they receive will help you move into uncharted transformational territory, rather than simply responding to problematic ‘request for digitalisation’ proposals.


Workshops offer a way to take the conversation to the next level. I can work with you and your subject matter experts to create valuable experiences for your c-suite contacts and in turn deepen the connection between your organisation and the key decision makers.

I have a structure for disruption / transformation workshops, adapted for virtual delivery, that can be tuned to ensure your key messages are woven into the content in a value-enhancing manner.


It is often difficult to develop campaigns that truly catch the attention of the CxO. There is a tendency to ‘follow the herd’, so themes such as AI, Cloud and digital transformation are repeatedly put to jaded prospects. Such topics might be highly relevant to your offerings, but they need to be packaged in themes that truly resonate with the c-suite.

I can work with you to develop both your written and live content, so that you are not simply a hue variant from your competitors in the eyes of your market.

  • We wanted someone who would engage our leadership differently. Ade did this brilliantly.  Engaging, fast paced and multifaceted. Just what was needed to shake things up a little in the last session of our conference!

    Helen MacPhee
    VP Finance
  • We recently held a conference in Milan around “Digital” for our senior partners throughout the MED region (Italy, Spain and Portugal) and Ade joined us by VC as a keynote speaker. Even by VC Ade kept the audience captive with lots of note taking and it also provoked a lot of discussion after the event. One of the most compelling keynote speakers that we have had in the MED region.

    Joanne Jones
    EMEIA Markets Operations And Execution Team Leader
  • Ade understands business and IT opportunities through the lens of executives and how to present this back in a concise manner with clear takeaways.

    Robbert Kuppens
    Global CIO
    Boston Consulting Group
  • Ade spoke at an event for around 250 of our UK & Israel Technology team. Ade has a fantastic presentation style, and it was clear in the prep calls that he was able to take our overall theme of the event and link that to his presentation. I would highly recommend Ade as a motivational speaker and thought leader.

    Hannah Bertolone
    Cloud Programme Leader
  • Ade McCormack sounds a much-needed clarion call for IT to “grow up”  and become a mature business function.

    Nicholas Carr
    Former editor
    Harvard Business Review
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