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Sales leader

The problem

There has never been a more important time to forge meaningful relationships with the c-suite and their associated influencers, particularly in respect of complex enterprise sales. The problem is big ticket sales are on the decrease because the forces at play, including Covid 19, have shortened the horizons for all organisations. Tech sector sales professionals have always struggled with acquiring and retaining the attention of senior executives and today is more challenging than ever.

I have worked with thousands of tech sales people for several decades. Much of my time today is spent engaging with the c-suite. I can see that that this sales engagement disconnect continues to dampen the value that the tech sector has to offer, at a time when it is critically needed.

Here’s how I can help you address this:

How can I help? 

My focus is to helping organisations thrive in what is an increasingly unknowable future. I suspect that is part of your organisation’s client value proposition.

I work with professional service organisations looking to boost their c-suite relevance. Thus my support to sales professionals ranges from c-suite engagement coaching through to live event keynoting. 

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