Conference Chair

Specifically Ade:

  • Researches each speaker so that he can add value through more informative introductions.
  • Engages with each speaker beforehand to establish chemistry and to understand how best to help each speaker play to their full potential.
  • Through his deep knowledge can supplement the content from the speakers, particularly if their delivery has been less than compelling.
  • Is audience-centric. He tops and tails each segment of the event so that delegates have a strong sense of being on a journey, rather than just being exposed to a random patchwork of speakers.
  • Can help you with the programme design based on his extensive experience of chairing and speaking across the world.

Ade chairs events ranging from private dinners through to large scale events comprising thousands of delegates. He has worked extensively with FT Live across the world.

Ade is particularly value-adding where the event has a digital, technology, people, leadership, transformation or innovation theme.

Contact Ade to explore further.