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Talent leader


The absence of talent representation in the traditional senior leadership team says a lot about how people are valued in the organisation. Perhaps some leaders see HR as a subdivision of procurement and thus view the employees as interchangeable as stationery. Job specifications highlight that people are really just (replaceable) cogs in the machine. 

Cognitive athletes?

Some leaders see the maturation of new disruptive technologies coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic as the perfect opportunity to swap out these cogs and replace them with algorithms and robots. They fail to see the inherent value in their people. Humans are naturally innovative, but they need to be treated as humans so that their cognitive capacity can flow. Unfortunately the risk-averse model of the industrial era factory model does not value this, even though it is human innovation that is the only way to continually create the compelling products, services and experiences that the market demands.

How I can help

I can help you:

  • Impress this new talent-centric reality on the key stakeholders. This could include the business leadership, your team and even your talent management partners.
  • Lead the necessary transformation required to implement a people-centric innovation-fuelled organisation.
  • Onboard your people. They need to understand what is happening and why and they need to understand how they must develop in order to make the transition from process worker to cognitive athlete.

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