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Technology leader

Tech is not enough

4IR – Don’t believe the hype

Business leaders have been sold the story that sprinkling the organisation with new technology will somehow or other future-proof it against increasing uncertainty and volatility.
Technology and data are certainly critical to innovation, which itself is key to orgnisational success. However a more nuanced approach to technology adoption is required, where the focus is on new business models, experimentation and a revised perspective on risk management. And all of this has to take place within the context of the existing operating model and the associated IT systems and data pools.
This is an opportunity for technology leaders to influence the strategic direction of the organisation, but it requires a repositioning of your role in the eyes of the leadership team.

How can I help? 

My focus is to help your organisation thrive in what is an increasingly unknowable future. I refer to this organisational trait as super-resilience. Such organisations are people-centric, data-driven, innovative and are experiment-driven. This is largely at odds with the industrial era model that many organisations are clinging to. Technology is part of the solution, but again digitalisation is not enough.

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