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The Graceful Organisation workshop


Many leaders mistakenly believe that a technology makeover coupled with an enlightened approach to hybrid working will somehow future-proof their organisations.

This intense and mind-moving programme will help leaders re-engineer their organisations to not just cope with increasing disruption but to be fuelled by it.



This programme can de delivered in-house or virtually ranging from two 2 hour virtual sessions through to a multiday in-house experience.

It will comprise a blend of knowledge transfer, discussion and engaging exercises to help embed the learning.

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Target audience

This programme is suitable for leaders, aspirant leaders or anyone involved in organisational transformation.


Programme outline

  • The macroeconomic forces – Disruption defined.
  • The new model – The finite versus the infinite game.
  • Factory RIP – Why the static industrial era factory has had its day.
  • The living organisation – How to build an intelligent organisation.
  • The graceful organisation – How to embed super-resilience by optimising cognitive management.
  • Diversity – Turning uniqueness into value.
  • Sustainability – Making the planet a major stakeholder.
  • Mental wellness – Getting the best and not simply the most out of your people.
  • Redefining the relationship with society.
  • The cognitive coach – The new leadership model.
  • Assets versus profits – The new performance measures.


By the end of this programme

you will be able to:

  • Recognise the inherent risks in having only one business model.
  • Harness the full potential of your people.
  • Lever technology trends for both automation and innovation.
  • Create the conditions to attract and retain the best talent.
  • Operate successfully in a post-strategy world.