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Your organisation’s lifeblood

By virtue of new technologies, many organisations are acquiring substantial volumes of data. In some respects such organisations are sitting on an oil field, as data is increasingly value creating and as such should be treated as an asset.

As the future becomes increasingly unknowable and strategic plans devolve into a genre of fiction, data will be key to sensing what is happening in your market. Poor data leads to poor decisions and in turn poor actions. Organisations looking to thrive in the post-industrial era need to be data-driven, otherwise they are flying blind, missing both opportunities and threats.

Sample subthemes to explore include:

  • How the macroenvironmental forces are making the world unknowable.
  • Why data is key to situational awareness and thus survival.
  • Why AI is only as good as the quality of your data.
  • The role of people in data management.
  • The link between data, risk and innovation.
  • How to integrate data management with insight, knowledge and wisdom management.
  • Why the relationship between the CFO and the CIO needs to adapt to the ‘new abnormal’.

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