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Is much more than technology

Digital is a very misunderstood term. In many respects, it has been misappropriated. Originally it related to digital technologies, aka IT. It then morphed into a term related to web-based customer and supplier channels. And finally it become conflated with business transformation.

Thus many leaders believe that in respect of future-proofing their organisation, they simply need to sprinkle it with AI, blockchain, IoT etc. Such an ‘IT makeover’ is not enough to survive the uncertainty that lies ahead.

It is better to think of digital as the era we are entering as we leave the industrial age. Thus leaders need to transform their organisations to thrive in this emerging digital age. Technology will increasingly shape this new era, but so will political, socioeconomic and a whole host of other macro-environmental forces.

Sample subthemes to explore include:

  • What does digital transformation entail in practice?
  • What emphasis should organisations put on the customer, supplier and talent digital experience?
  • What role does data?
  • Does your organisation need a Chief Digital Officer?
  • How do you resolve the Human vs technology challenge?

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