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Towards a creative culture

Whilst the  industrial era factory model has delivered economic benefit to many, it has had the unfortunate side-effect of dehumanising the workers, reducing them to ‘process cogs’.. Compliance was (is) paramount. Compliance is much easier when the process cogs all behave in a predictable and obedient manner.

Disruption is thankfully putting the factory model to sleep. Businesses need to be repopulated with humans behaving as humans. In a world that is increasingly unknowable, having a diverse workforce is critical.

Sample subthemes to explore include:

  • The challenges of transitioning from the factory model.
  • Why diversity is less about gender, age, disability and so on and more about cognition.
  • How to win the increasingly acute war for talent.
  • The new definition of what constitutes employee / talent value.

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