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The Future of Work

Back to the future

The workplace was radically disrupted by the arrival of Covid-19, which in many respects was the unofficial closing ceremony to the industrial era. But as the virus becomes an accepted backdrop to our lives, many employers are considering post-industrial era workplace design.

But there are even more fundamental shifts taking place in respect of the future of work, including the shift from skills to traits,, the emergence of gig work and the relentless onslaught of automation.  

Sample subthemes to explore include:

  • How do workers remain economically relevant.
  • How will the future of work impact industrial era constructs such as weekends, careers and retirement.
  • How to configure the workplace for maximum productivity.
  • The cultural implications of home working.
  • How to tailor the workplace to the needs of the individual and the work to be done
  • Repurposing commercial property and districts.

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