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The Industrial Era

That was a mistake

The industrial era has improved the lives of many people, so it would be churlish to denigrate it. However, we have paid a price in the form of developing a societal model that has taken us away from our true nature. It has also created tremendous inequality.

The industrial era factory model employs people for their ability to mimic processes that are yet to be fully automated. Thus the industrial age saw humans as technology placeholders.

The ‘manufactured’ clockspeed of industrial era society ensured, with the exception of some sectors, that efficiency took precedent over innovation. Consequently our natural propensity to explore and experiment was unwelcome in the workplace. Just follow the operations manual or a stern conversation with HR awaits.

Sample subthemes to explore include:

  • How does one transform industrial era organisations to cope with increasing uncertainty? 
  • How does one weave innovation into the fabric of a process-driven organisation?
  • What do we do with process workers as they are displaced by automation? 
  • The disconnect between the leadership development market and the needs of post-industrial leaders.

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