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Ade McCormack | Beyond925
Ade McCormack | Beyond925
Worked in over 25 countries
Ade McCormack | Beyond925
Ade McCormack | Beyond925
Ade McCormack | Digital Strategist
Ade McCormack | Thought Leader
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Ade is a former technologist, who today is focused on helping individuals and organisations thrive in the digital age. In more recent years, his focus has taken a more strategic / macroeconomic / future-oriented perspective. Thus, he has a forward-thinking, ‘bits to boardroom’, grasp of what is happening in the market, and of how his clients can capitalise on the changes taking place.

Ade is known for his thought-provoking perspectives, and his ability to communicate in a clear, engaging and entertaining manner. This makes him a much sought-after public speaker across the world.

His zoom-out perspectives on the drivers behind today’s market realities enable both leaders and their people to deeply understand the actions they need to take to remain economically relevant.


MIT Sloan School of Management lecturer

As part of MIT Sloan's MBA programme, Ade was invited on a number of occasions to partake in the Sloan Innovation Period element of the course. Ade's topic was digital leadership.



Ade has keynoted at a number of Gartner events, including the closing keynote of the Gartner Sympoium / IT Xpo in Cannes. Ade has keynoted globally for many organisations ranging from global technology leaders through to conference specialist organisations.

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Worked in over 30 countries

Ade has worked in many countries including the following:
Argentina - Belgium - Chile - Croatia - Denmark - Dubai - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Ireland - Italy - Japan - Luxembourg - Mexico - Monaco - Norway - Poland - Portugal - Romania -  Russia - Singapore - South Africa – Scotland - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - The Netherlands - UK - USA



Ade is the author of a number of books, including his most recent: Beyond Nine to Five – Your Career Guide for the Digital Age. Other books include:

His forthcoming book Attention Dynamics - High personal performance in the digital age will be out in January 2017.



Ade advises on matters relating to the digital economy, specifically around how public and private organisations can capitalise on the emerging changes. Often Ade is called upon to advise technology organisations on how they can increase their value proposition by increasing their strategic relevance.
Ade also coaches leaders, and those selected for future leadership, in respect of enhancing their strategic value.



Ade has been an active blogger since 2007. He has written around 600 posts.
More recently his blog has subdivided into two:

  • Digital Strategy - To help organisational leaders understand the challenges they face, and to provide guidance on how they can capitalise on the emerging trends.
  • Digital Life – To alert individuals to the seismic changes taking place in society.

Ade's blogging has been shortlisted for awards in categories including leadership and advisory.



The initial phase of Ade's career was very technically focused. The common theme was software engineering. Here are some examples of systems Ade developed and supported:

  • Naval command and control systems, including radar, electronic warfare, fighter aircraft, battlefield simulation and weapons trials.
  • An investment bank middle office system to detect rogue trading in derivatives.
  • A system to manage data and telecoms cabling for an investment bank.
  • An avionics lifecycle cost modelling system.
  • A set of systems to detect and analyse data from a space-located gamma radiation detector.
  • A system developed for a HR function to manage their car fleet.
  • A personnel management system for the UK Maritime and Coastguard agency.
  • A search and rescue system for the UK Maritime and Coastguard agency.

Ade was also involved in designing and leading new entrant training programmes for IT staff, primarily in the investment banking and IT services sector. This ranged from software engineering principals through to explaining how financial instruments worked.

Also Ade was also involved in the design and delivery of training programmes for next-generation analysts and technical architects.

More latterly, Ade developed a business around demystifying IT concepts, along with highlighting tech trends and their potential impact. This was for business people who had some responsibility relating to new technologies.



Ade studied Physics with Astrophysics at Leicester University. His final year dissertation involved analysing data from a nearby galaxy across a range of wavelengths in pursuit of a black hole. This was Ade's first significant experience of computer programming, and was instrumental in the career path he subsequently took.

Ade also worked for the European Space Agency (ESA). Specifically, he worked for the Astrophysics section of the Space Science department on a cosmology-focused space experiment, named Comptel (Compton Imaging Telescope). Comptel was one of four instruments on-board the Gamma Ray Observatory (GRO), a NASA project, launched in April 1991. This can be thought of as a high energy version of the Hubble telescope. Along with ESA and NASA, the Max Planck Institute of Extraterrestrial Physics, the University of Leiden and the University of New Hampshire were also part of the consortium.

Ade's responsibilities included the management of ESA's software contribution to this project. This involved managing a multi-national team of software engineers and astrophysicists. Ade was also responsible for some aspects of writing and testing the processing, storage/ retrieval and analysis software.


Ade McCormack Clients
Ade McCormack Clients
Ade McCormack Clients